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There are over 100 different copiers available in the copier market. Our clients usually end up with just one or two copiers that they feel is the most appropriate. The fact is, once the final decision is made, you’re be stuck with it for at least 4 to 5 years. Without the proper guideline and the most appropriate selection criteria for purchasing a copier, the odds for choosing the right equipment is very low. Careful evaluation and analysis is necessary to choose the best copier for your organization.

Due to the competitive nature of the copier industry, too much hidden costs work to increase the copier expense. Please be advised, customers usually make decision based on wrong information and end up spending thousands of dollars on repair cost and millions on wasted productivity cost. The key is to talk to a representative who has the ability to provide both sales and technical information and be able to prove what he or she says.

It is important to consider the desigh and technical aspect of each copier to minimize down time, since copiers occationally have multifunction. (Call for more information)

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